Our Private tours go above and beyond what the media has covered about these Tucson crimes. Because of this, it may be beneficial to already know what the media has established.  That way you will get the maximum experience from our tours. Here are some resources that you may consider reviewing to learn more about these historic crimes:

Pied Piper of Tucson

  • I, A Squealer: A haunting insider account of the Charles Schmid case!  View full details and a video trailer here
  • March 1966 live radio announcement of Charles Schmidt case jury decision!  Click the play button to listen to the live radio announcement from over 50 years ago:  
  • “A Crime to Remember” Investigation Discovery documentary clips.  View here!
  • “A turn in Tucson’s history: the case of the Pied Piper murders” KGUN-9 News Article.  View here!
  • Dead Beat (Movie, 1994): Available on Amazon & Ebay
  • The Todd Killings (Movie, 1971): Available on dvd
  • Cold Blooded (Book, 1994 and 2014 Revised): Available on Amazon & Ebay
  • The Tucson Murders (Book, Dial Press, 1970): Available on Amazon & Ebay
  • The Pied Piper of Tucson (Book): Available on Amazon & Ebay
  • Pied Piper – Crispian St. Peters:  The song that gave Schmid his nickname
  • A general full story of the Charles Schmid case can be found here

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