Our Private tours go above and beyond what the media has covered about these Tucson crimes. Because of this, it may be beneficial to already know what the media has established. That way you will get the maximum experience from our tours. Here are some resources that you may consider reviewing to learn more about these historic crimes:


From March 1966, hear the live radio news flash by announcer Phil Richardson from KTKT Radio Tucson of the Charles Schmidt case jury decision!

Click the play button to listen to this live radio announcement from over 50 years ago.

In 1966, British singer Crispian St. Peters recorded “The Pied Piper” which was a major hit during the summer of 1966. It went to #4 in the United States, #5 in the United Kingdom, and #1 in Canada. The popularity of the song gave Charles Schmid his nickname “The Pied Piper Of Tucson”

Crispian’s popularity waned after he claimed he was a better performer than Elvis and that he was a better songwriter than the Beatles.

“I, a Squealer” is an account of the Charles Schmidt murders written by Smitty’s close friend, Richard Bruns. Following the books publication in 2018, local News Channel KVOA ran a story about the author.

The book is available from Amazon

Local Tucson TV News Station KGUN-9 ran a story about the Schmid case, featuring interviews with former Pima County Prosecutor William Schafer and former Police Officer (later Sherrif)  Clarence Dupnik.

The story of Charles Schmid was a local front page news sensation and eventually became a national story. You can see some of the newspaper stories right HERE